Lindsay's approach to physiotherapy

My approach

I integrate yoga with physiotherapy for a more holistic approach to health. I aim to meet patients where they are at, give them the one on one time they deserve and offer a safe space to recover, heal, and evolve.

I don't subscribe to the "find it, fix it" approach to treatment. I don't believe anyone is broken or needs fixing.


I can offer guidance to work towards your health, movement and performance goals.


Using mindful movement as the focus, I will work to support you in your process of recovery and nurture a systemic approach to long term health.

Every time I repeat a pattern, I am essentially, practicing it...

We are, and we become, what we habitually do. Our habits define us...

Habits of movement, habits of thought... 


Focus Areas

Cumberland Physio & Yoga Persistant Pain
Cumberland Physio & Yoga Pelvic Health
Cumberland Physio & Yoga Sports Rehabilitation

Persistent Pain

Pelvic Health

Sports Rehabilitation


Her (Linsay's) presence put me immediately at ease. And by the end of our session, I was moving with more ease than I have in years! I feel so hopeful that I can carry this good feeling forward.

Knowledgeable, comprehensive and enthusiastic. Lindsay helped me to get to the root of my pain, instead of just treating the symptoms. I trust her with my care and would highly recommend her to others.

A warm space and a warm heart. Lindsay was delightfully helpful after I had my son. I went for specifically for pelvic floor help but ended up getting rid of my low back pain! I am so thankful!

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