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My aim is to inspire WELLbecoming in others. 

WELLbecoming (vs wellness) means that our health is dynamic and ongoing rather than a static state of being. Like our lives, our health is a complex process with each moment a glimpse of our greater trajectory. Starting where you are at today, we can chart a new course forward. We have the ability to learn, adapt and choose how to live in ways that better align with our longer term health goals. 

I continue to explore everyday, humbled by what I learn about the body, the mind and the human spirit. 

I hope to inspire, educate and empower those I work with to discover better ways of taking care of their whole selves. I am committed to providing the best quality care to clients using aspects from both physiotherapy and yoga.

I aim to meet patients where they are at, give them the one on one time they deserve and offer a safe space to recover, heal, and evolve.

Move to your full potential.

Cumberland Physio & Yoga My Mission
Cumberland Physio & Yoga My Story Cumberland


The theme of my childhood was exploring outside on our family acreage. A natural affinity for sport was the theme of my youth. It led quite naturally into pursuing a physiotherapy career as I entered adulthood. I worked at the University Sports Medicine Centre, gaining lots of valuable experience in the field, but my frustrations with the profession soon began to surface. I felt so limited in offering my patients the time and care they deserved. I also felt frustrated by my own body slowing down. My athletic youth began to catch up with me, and even as a PT, I didn't know how to help myself?!

About that time, I found yoga on a dare. But the profound impact of my first few classes would forever change the course of my life and career. I set off to India to become a teacher and deepen my self practice. The integration of yoga with physiotherapy has been an ongoing lesson in humility since then. I feel I have reached a really rich mix that I am excited to share! 

I am so thrilled to LIVE, WORK and PLAY in Cumberland, BC. I discovered this little piece of paradise with my husband and we made it our home in 2015. Since then, our babies have been born here and our roots laid. I am excited to contribute what I can to this vibrant and growing community. My passion for women's health emerged through my own transition into motherhood. A journey I can't imagine without my yoga mat to fall back on. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Covid has given me an extended opportunity to spend time with my littles and to delve deeper into my yoga practice and coursework. Oh, and I've kind of fallen in love with mountain biking too!

I am excited to be back and inspired to share what yoga therapy can offer to you. Happy trails!

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