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The registered series adopt this approach:

A therapeutic yoga style class where the emphasis is on learning to move well,  and with ease. Starting with the basics of mindful movement, and progressing in complexity throughout the series. With consistency over time, this simple practice nourishes you, like a regular vitamin ritual - leaving you feeling good, refreshed and ready to take on whatever it is that your heart desires.


My hopes for this series would include: 

  • Developing awareness as you connect mind and body. 

  • Exploring how ease is the foundation of building strength and adding challenge into the practice. 

  • A sense of relaxation throughout your system

  • Improved mental focus and clarity over time. 

  • Experiencing the benefits of a committed practice.

Cumberland Physio & Yoga Sport Rehabilitation


This Hatha Yoga class is infused with what I’ve learned from many disciplines and sports.


It is not your typical pretty-looking flow, it’s hard work to build strength, mobility and mindfulness with breath. My classes will help with posture, mind-energy regulation, athletic performance, injuries and chronic pain, and of course yogic philosophy for life.


I teach with a how-to-fish approach and often pause to refine the practice and make it accessible to all bodies



This class is for women of all levels of practice and perceived ability.  We will focus on slow (which does not mean easy) and connected movements to strength, stretch and explore range of motion.  My goal in class is to establish foundation and create proper alignment for people to feel for themselves the effects of the practice.  


We will move through asana (postures), breathing practices, concentration and visualizations, mantras and philosophy in order to strengthen the body, improve mobility, deepen self-regulation, increase energy levels, and find a sense of inner stillness.  

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