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Pelvic Health

I believe the transition to motherhood should be an empowering transformation. I am often saddened this is not the case for so many. I am the mother of two littles, so this area is very near and dear to me. I am inspired to support women through this period of life transitions. Whether you are preparing for birth and baby, or in the days, months and years postpartum, the physio-yoga approach can help! Develop a practice that nourishes you - body, mind and soul.

First off, congratulations! And welcome to the grand adventure of motherhood. The changes we (our body, mind and spirits) go through in order to grow, carry and nurture our offspring are tremendous. We have evolved to be fit for this function, but trust me, a little support goes a long way!

I specialize in treating women with pelvic health concerns including (but not limited to) to discomforts in pregnancy, preparation for birth, recovery and healing in the early weeks, and the later years postpartum (pain, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis, return to sport...). We don't have to settle for feeling disconnected, weak, overwhelmed or exhausted. Nor should we compromise ourselves and our life. 


I integrate yoga into my practice for a more holistic approach than pelvic floor treatment alone. Connect (or reconnect) with your postpartum self. Grow your body awareness. Build confidence to move well in your body and do what you love. Don't let pain discourage you from carrying your baby as they grow from womb to hip to piggy backs! Develop a practice that is supportive, fulfilling and rejuvenating.

I want to support you to nurture yourself as you grow into your motherhood.

Move to your full potential

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