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Persistant Pain Cumberland Physio

Persistent Pain

I don't subscribe to the conventional "find it, fix it"  style of therapy. I don't believe anyone is broken or needs fixing. Instead, I can offer guidance and experience to work towards your health, movement and performance goals.


Whether you are feeling the slow down of age, struggling with ongoing issues that never seem to resolve or frustrated from living with pain everyday, the physio yoga approach can help! Using mindful movement as the focus, I can support you in your process of recovery and nurture a broader pathway to health and wellbecoming.

Your pain can change. Your brain can change. Your tissue can change.

The experience of your condition can change. 

Humans are resilient and adaptable creatures. Change is possible.


Mindful movement is the language of the brain, and the connector of body and mind. It starts with awareness because we cannot change what we aren't aware of. Through this mind body connection, we can learn how to breathe with ease and build trust in ourselves to move safely (and without compensation). We can tune in to the subtle sensations before the screams take over. We can discover how to let go of the habitual tension that holds us back and move freely through our lives. We can find balance and build confidence in ourselves again.

Please don't settle with feeling stiff, achy and old. Please don't let a condition or diagnosis define you. Please don't resign to live in pain forever.  There is hope, these things can change - I have seen in it myself and my patients. The integration of yoga into my physiotherapy practice has reinforced this and I am inspired to share this with you. Find support and guidance to work through longer term and more complex issues. Take the time and create the space for a healing practice in your life. Get back to doing the things that make you feel alive and human.

Move to your full potential

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