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Cumberland Physio & Yoga Sport Rehabilitation

Sports Rehab

Calling ALL athletes!


Young and Old. Beginner and Expert. Recreational and Elite. Past, Present and Future. 

Whether you are recovering from a specific injury, or looking to further optimize your performance, the physio yoga approach can help.

Maybe that knee injury from college still plagues you, your hip flexors are perpetually tight, or you are tired of riding your bike with low back pain? YUP! Physio yoga can help that too!

The integration of yoga to my physiotherapy practice has enhanced my abilities to help athletes. I am inspired to share this with others. It is a much more holistic approach in its essence. Instead of joint by joint assessment, it is full body functional movement. Instead of therapist led finding and fixing, it taps into the amazing awareness that athletes possess to guide their own healing. Instead of just releasing this, it considers why that might be holding on so tight. Instead of chasing and treating physical ailments alone, it connects mind, body and spirit in a powerful and tangible way.

I have experienced the dramatic effects of integrating yoga therapy into my practice. Thanks to mindful movement, I have felt improved body awareness, enhanced mental focus and clarity (presence and flow states), better balance (on my bike and throughout my body), more ease and efficiency of movement and rejuvenating rest and recovery! (to name a few...) If this resonates, I would love to work with you.

Move to your full potential

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