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Summer YOGA

Summer is a quiet season for yoga. We take a break for the hot summer months in lieu of mountain biking and lake swimming. 

We will be back to regularly scheduled yoga classes in September...

Lindsay's approach to physiotherapy

My approach

I integrate yoga with physiotherapy for a more holistic approach to health. I aim to meet patients where they are at, give them the one on one time they deserve and offer a safe space to recover, heal, and evolve.

I don't subscribe to the "find it, fix it" approach to treatment. I don't believe anyone is broken or needs fixing.


I can offer guidance to work towards your health, movement and performance goals. Using mindful movement as the focus, I will work to support you in your process of recovery and nurture a holistic approach to long term health.

Every time I repeat a pattern, I am essentially, practicing it...

We are, and we become, what we habitually do. Our habits define us...

Habits of movement, habits of thought... 


Focus Areas

Cumberland Physio & Yoga Persistant Pain
Cumberland Physio & Yoga Pelvic Health
Cumberland Physio & Yoga Sports Rehabilitation

Aging, Ongoing Issues and Persistent Pain

Pelvic Health for Mothers
Prenatal through Postpartum Years

Athletic Injury and Sport Performance


I highly recommend Lindsay no matter where you are postpartum. The work we did helped me return to my body after a very rough pregnancy and gave me confidence to tackle new exercises going forward. 

A fabulous, supportive way to gain the education and confidence to get back moving again, and get back to exercise and life.

Lindsay does a wonderful job presenting information and exercises in a practical and approachable way. I loved the warm space and truly enjoyed every part of this experience. 

Emma B

Jenn S

Amber W

Get in Touch

2781 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland BC

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